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If your city does NOT have a skate park your city IS the skate park

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PVNews article March 6, 2014 ‘Kids need a safe place to skate’ by Mary Scott

Skateboarders grind rails and curbs in local shopping centers and on school campuses. When security guards and custodians kick them off those properties, they hit the streets. That’s where they are stopped by law enforcement. But this doesn’t deter them. Skateboarders want to skate, n

Fourth Anniversary – SkateparkPV, Inc.

Let’s review what we’ve accomplished in the past four years: • Formed a 501(c)3 non-profit status organization called SkateparkPV, Inc. with Mission Statement: Provide a safe and welcoming environment for skateboarding on the Peninsula, where skaters can recreate and pract

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The Daily Breeze continues to be a tremendous supporter of Skatepark PV. Donna LIttlejohn, reporter and Stephen Carr, photographer met up with some of our skaters for an afternoon skate sesh. While the headline says that the road to a skate park has become more complicated, it is not


Okay, we went back to the drawing board and here’s where we are: We are looking for grant money to remediate soil on the land that was given to us by the City of Rolling Hills Estates. We have learned that there is grant money out there and we’re going to apply for it. Ste